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Package reference: A

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Package Description
APSIMBatch Analysis the output of Apsim software
apsrtable apsrtable model-output formatter for social science
apt Asymmetric Price Transmission (apt)
apTreeshape Analyses of Phylogenetic Treeshape
aqfig Functions to help display air quality model output and monitoring data
aqp Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology
aqr Interface methods to use with an ActiveQuant Master Server
AquaEnv AquaEnv - an integrated development toolbox for aquatic chemical model generation
ARAMIS A R Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling
aratio Assessment ratio analysis
archetypes Archetypal Analysis
ArDec Time series autoregressive-based decomposition
ARES Environment air pollution epidemiology: a library for time series analysis
arf3DS4 Activated Region Fitting, fMRI data analysis (3D).
arfima Fractional ARIMA Time Series Modeling
argosfilter Argos locations filter
argparse Command line optional and positional argument parser.
arm Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models
aroma.affymetrix Analysis of large Affymetrix microarray data sets
aroma.apd A probe-level data file format used by aroma.affymetrix [DEPRECATED] Copy-number analysis of large microarray data sets
aroma.core Core methods and classes used by aroma.* packages part of The Aroma Framework
aroma.light Light-weight methods for normalization and visualization of microarray data using only basic R data types
ArrayBin Binarization of numeric data arrays
arrayhelpers Convenience functions for arrays
arrayImpute Missing imputation for microarray data
arrayMissPattern Exploratory analysis of Missing patterns for microarray data
ars Adaptive Rejection Sampling
ARTIVA Infer a time-varying DBN network from time series data.
ARTP Gene and Pathway p-values computed using the Adaptive Rank Truncated Product
arules Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
arulesNBMiner Mining NB-Frequent Itemsets and NB-Precise Rules
arulesSequences Mining frequent sequences
arulesViz Visualizing Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
asbio A collection of statistical tools for biologists
ascii Export R objects to several markup languages
ascrda Augmented SCRDA
asd Simulations for adaptive seamless designs
ash David Scott's ASH routines
aspace A collection of functions for estimating centrographic statistics and computational geometries for spatial point patterns
aspect Aspects of Multivariables
assertive Readable check functions to ensure code integrity.
AssetPricing Optimal pricing of assets with fixed expiry date.
assist A Suite of S-Plus Functions Implementing Smoothing Splines
AssotesteR Statistical Tests for Genetic Association Studies
aster Aster Models
aster2 Aster Models
astro Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines
astroFns Astronomy: time and position functions, misc. utilities
astsa Applied Statistical Time Series Analysis