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Computer for R: what to look for [closed]

I'm about to buy a new desktop computer to use for statistical analysis. Although I write some of my own functions and will need to write quite big boostraps etc... I mostly work on medium but also big datasets (more than 500K) with lots of different R functions which do not allow parallel computing.I have had problems with memory in R before (especially with complex data mining algorithms and bootstrapping on large datasets).

I've found a computer within my budget (I'm tied to Windows unfortunately) that has the following characteristics (see below). I'm aware of things like Revolution R but I'd like to focus on your experience with the hardware side of things, as I'm not an expert.

Personally I just look for large RAM (4gb and + would be good), a big hard drive, and a recent processor. I don't particularly care about graphics cards as I mostly use it for work. Is there anything I'm missing?

These are the specs of a desktop computer that looks ok to me:

650W Standard Powersupply

H61 Chipset Motherboard

Intel i3-2100 CPU;CPU Cooler


8GB DDR3 Memory;500Gb Hard Drive

GRAPHICS CARD - Radeon HD 6450 - 512Mb Graphics

GRAPHICS MODE - Onboard Card

OPERATING SYSTEM - Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

Do you think this looks ok?

Many thanks