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Inserting a large csv file into R

I have a mid-size csv file (comma delimited) with 4483745 observations. I am trying to insert it to R. using the following command:


but when I run this it gives me an empty data frame with column one's name as: 'ÿþ3'

however when I take a small sample of this file, it works well and I get my data frame.

Sample of Raw Data:

3051,01-01-08 11:09:23,25,1,N                                                  
3136,01-01-08 11:09:27,6,1,N                                                   
2923,01-01-08 11:07:17,70,1,N                                                  
2394,01-01-08 11:08:43,19,1,N                                                  
2814,01-01-08 11:10:35,7,1,N                                                   
1977,01-01-08 11:08:09,70,1,N 

can anyone help my with this problem?

Thanks in advance.