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R: ape/phylobase: unable to convert ultrametric, binary tree to hclust object (warning message)

I've imported a ClustalW2 tree in R using the ape function and read.tree function of the ape package. I estimate molecular ages using the chronopl function, resulting in a ultrametric, binary tree. From which I want to create a R build in dendrogram object.

The tree plots fine, and is a real phylo object. However i'm running into problems when trying to convert it:

Minimal Working Example:

test.tree <- read.tree(file = "testree.phylip", text = NULL, tree.names = NULL, skip = 0,
    comment.char = "#", keep.multi = FALSE) <- chronopl(test.tree, 0, age.min = 1, age.max = NULL,
node = "root", S = 1, tol = 1e-8,
CV = FALSE, eval.max = 500, iter.max = 500)
treeclust <- as.hclust.phylo(

The resulting tree "looks" fine,
I test to make sure the tree is not ultrametric and binary, and want to convert it into a hclust object, to make eventually a dendrogram object of it.

> is.binary.tree(
[1] TRUE
> is.ultrametric(
[1] TRUE

After trying to make a hclust object out of the tree, I get an error:

> tree.phylo <- as.hclust.phylo(
Error in if (tmp <= n) -tmp else nm[tmp] : 
  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
In addition: Warning message:
In nm[inode] <- 1:N :
  number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length

I realize this is a very detailed question, and perhaps such questions which are specifically related to certain packages are better asked somewhere else, but I hope someone is able to help me.

All help is much appreciated,


File download

The Phylip file can be downloaded here