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cabbages {MASS}Data from a cabbage field trial
caith {MASS}Colours of Eyes and Hair of People in Caithness
Cars93 {MASS}Data from 93 Cars on Sale in the USA in 1993
cats {MASS}Anatomical Data from Domestic Cats
cement {MASS}Heat Evolved by Setting Cements
chem {MASS}Copper in Wholemeal Flour
coef.lda {MASS}Linear Discriminant Analysis
con2tr {MASS}Convert Lists to Data Frames for use by lattice
confint.glm {MASS}Confidence Intervals for Model Parameters
contr.sdif {MASS}Successive Differences Contrast Coding
coop {MASS}Co-operative Trial in Analytical Chemistry
corresp {MASS}Simple Correspondence Analysis
cov.rob {MASS}Resistant Estimation of Multivariate Location and Scatter
cov.trob {MASS}Covariance Estimation for Multivariate t Distribution
cpus {MASS}Performance of Computer CPUs
crabs {MASS}Morphological Measurements on Leptograpsus Crabs
Cushings {MASS}Diagnostic Tests on Patients with Cushing's Syndrome