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... {base}Reserved Words in R
.amatch_bounds {base}Approximate String Matching (Fuzzy Matching)
.AutoloadEnv {base}On-demand Loading of Packages
.bincode {base}Bin a Numeric Vector
.C {base}Foreign Function Interface
.Call {base}Modern Interfaces to C/C++ code
.colSums {base}Form Row and Column Sums and Means
.conflicts.OK {base}Attach Set of R Objects to Search Path
.Defunct {base}Marking Objects as Defunct
.deparseOpts {base}Options for Expression Deparsing
.Deprecated {base}Marking Objects as Deprecated
.Device {base}Lists of Open/Active Graphics Devices
.doTrace {base}Interactive Tracing and Debugging of Calls to a Function or Method
.dynLibs {base}Loading DLLs from Packages
.encode_numeric_version {base}Numeric Versions
.Export {base}Experimental Alternative Name Specification Support {base}Internal Versions of the Foreign Function Interface
.find.package {base}Find Packages
.find.package {base}Deprecated Functions in Package base
.First.lib {base}Loading and Listing of Packages