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backsolve {base}Solve an Upper or Lower Triangular System
backtick {base}Quotes
base {base}The R Base Package
baseenv {base}Environment Access
basename {base}Manipulate File Paths
Bessel {base}Bessel Functions
beta {base}Special Functions of Mathematics
bindenv {base}Binding and Environment Adjustments
bindtextdomain {base}Translate Text Messages
bitwise {base}Bitwise Logical Operations
body {base}Access to and Manipulation of the Body of a Function
bquote {base}Partial substitution in expressions
break {base}Control Flow
browser {base}Environment Browser
browserText {base}Functions to Retrieve Values Supplied by Calls to the Browser
builtins {base}Returns the Names of All Built-in Objects
by {base}Apply a Function to a Data Frame Split by Factors
bzfile {base}Functions to Manipulate Connections