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Package index for {base}

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c {base}Combine Values into a Vector or List
c.Date {base}Date Class
c.noquote {base}Class for ‘no quote’ Printing of Character Strings
c.numeric_version {base}Numeric Versions
c.POSIXct {base}Date-Time Classes
call {base}Function Calls
callCC {base}Call With Current Continuation
CallExternal {base}Modern Interfaces to C/C++ code
capabilities {base}Report Capabilities of this Build of R
cat {base}Concatenate and Print
category {base}Defunct Functions in Package base
cbind {base}Combine R Objects by Rows or Columns
ceiling {base}Rounding of Numbers
char.expand {base}Expand a String with Respect to a Target Table
character {base}Character Vectors
charmatch {base}Partial String Matching
charToRaw {base}Convert to or from Raw Vectors
chartr {base}Character Translation and Casefolding
chol {base}The Choleski Decomposition
chol2inv {base}Inverse from Choleski (or QR) Decomposition