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Package index for {base}

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data.class {base}Object Classes
data.frame {base}Data Frames
data.matrix {base}Convert a Data Frame to a Numeric Matrix
dataframeHelpers {base}Data Frame Auxiliary Functions
date {base}System Date and Time
Dates {base}Date Class
DateTimeClasses {base}Date-Time Classes
dcf {base}Read and Write Data in DCF Format
debug {base}Debug a Function
Defunct {base}Marking Objects as Defunct
delay {base}Defunct Functions in Package base
delayedAssign {base}Delay Evaluation
deparse {base}Expression Deparsing
deparseOpts {base}Options for Expression Deparsing
Deprecated {base}Marking Objects as Deprecated
det {base}Calculate the Determinant of a Matrix
detach {base}Detach Objects from the Search Path
diag {base}Matrix Diagonals
diff {base}Lagged Differences
difftime {base}Time Intervals