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l10n_info {base}Localization Information
La.eigen {base}Defunct Functions in Package base
La.svd {base}Singular Value Decomposition of a Matrix
labels {base}Find Labels from Object
LANGUAGE {base}Environment Variables
lapply {base}Apply a Function over a List or Vector
Last.value {base}Value of Last Evaluated Expression
last.warning {base}Print Warning Messages
lazyLoad {base}Lazy Load a Database of R Objects
lazyLoadDBfetch {base}Internal Objects in Package base
lbeta {base}Special Functions of Mathematics
length {base}Length of an Object
length.POSIXlt {base}Date-Time Classes
LETTERS {base}Built-in Constants
levels {base}Levels Attributes
libPaths {base}Search Paths for Packages
library {base}Loading and Listing of Packages
library.dynam {base}Loading DLLs from Packages
license {base}The R License Terms
list {base}Lists -- Generic and Dotted Pairs