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Package index for {base}

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NA {base}‘Not Available’ / Missing Values
name {base}Names and Symbols
names {base}The Names of an Object
names.POSIXlt {base}Date-Time Classes
namespaceExport {base}Namespace Internals
NaN {base}Finite, Infinite and NaN Numbers
nargs {base}The Number of Arguments to a Function
NativeSymbolInfo {base}Obtain a Description of one or more Native (C/Fortran) Symbols
nchar {base}Count the Number of Characters (or Bytes or Width)
Negate {base}Common Higher-Order Functions in Functional Programming Languages
new.env {base}Environment Access
next {base}Control Flow
NextMethod {base}Class Methods
ngettext {base}Translate Text Messages
nlevels {base}The Number of Levels of a Factor
noquote {base}Class for ‘no quote’ Printing of Character Strings
norm {base}Compute the Norm of a Matrix
normalizePath {base}Express File Paths in Canonical Form
NotYet {base}Not Yet Implemented Functions and Unused Arguments
nrow {base}The Number of Rows/Columns of an Array