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packageEvent {base}Functions to Get and Set Hooks for Load, Attach, Detach and Unload
packageHasNamespace {base}Namespace Internals
packageStartupMessage {base}Diagnostic Messages
package_version {base}Numeric Versions
packBits {base}Convert to or from Raw Vectors
pairlist {base}Lists -- Generic and Dotted Pairs
Paren {base}Parentheses and Braces
parent.env {base}Environment Access
parent.frame {base}Functions to Access the Function Call Stack
parse {base}Parse Expressions
paste {base}Concatenate Strings
path.expand {base}Expand File Paths
path.package {base}Find Packages
pi {base}Built-in Constants
pipe {base}Functions to Manipulate Connections
pmatch {base}Partial String Matching
pmax {base}Maxima and Minima
polyroot {base}Find Zeros of a Real or Complex Polynomial {base}Convert Positions in the Search Path to Environments
Position {base}Common Higher-Order Functions in Functional Programming Languages