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Package index for {base}

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S3groupGeneric {base}S3 Group Generic Functions
S3Methods {base}Class Methods
S4 {base}Test for an S4 object
sample {base}Random Samples and Permutations
sapply {base}Apply a Function over a List or Vector
save {base}Save R Objects
save.plot {base}Defunct Functions in Package base
saveRDS {base}Serialization Interface for Single Objects
scale {base}Scaling and Centering of Matrix-like Objects
scan {base}Read Data Values
Sd2Rd {base}Utilities for Processing Rd Files
search {base}Give Search Path for R Objects
seek {base}Functions to Reposition Connections
seq {base}Sequence Generation
seq.Date {base}Generate Regular Sequences of Dates
seq.POSIXt {base}Generate Regular Sequences of Times
sequence {base}Create A Vector of Sequences
serialize {base}Simple Serialization Interface
set.seed {base}Random Number Generation
setCConverterStatus {base}Management of .C argument conversion list