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Package index for {base}

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t {base}Matrix Transpose
table {base}Cross Tabulation and Table Creation
tabulate {base}Tabulation for Vectors
tanh {base}Hyperbolic Functions
tapply {base}Apply a Function Over a Ragged Array
taskCallback {base}Add or Remove a Top-Level Task Callback
taskCallbackManager {base}Create an R-level Task Callback Manager
taskCallbackNames {base}Query the Names of the Current Internal Top-Level Task Callbacks
tcrossprod {base}Matrix Crossproduct
tempfile {base}Create Names for Temporary Files
testPlatformEquivalence {base}Internal Objects in Package base
tetragamma {base}Defunct Functions in Package base
textConnection {base}Text Connections
tilde {base}Tilde Operator
timezones {base}Time Zones
TMPDIR {base}Environment Variables
tolower {base}Character Translation and Casefolding
topenv {base}Top Level Environment
toString {base}Convert an R Object to a Character String
trace {base}Interactive Tracing and Debugging of Calls to a Function or Method