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umask {base}Manipulaton of Directories and File Permissions
unclass {base}Object Classes
undebug {base}Debug a Function
union {base}Set Operations
unique {base}Extract Unique Elements
unique.numeric_version {base}Numeric Versions
unique.POSIXlt {base}Date-Time Classes
units.difftime {base}Time Intervals
unix {base}Defunct Functions in Package base
unix.time {base}CPU Time Used
unlink {base}Delete Files and Directories
unlist {base}Flatten Lists
unloadNamespace {base}Loading and Unloading Name Spaces
unlockBinding {base}Binding and Environment Adjustments
unname {base}Remove names or dimnames
unserialize {base}Simple Serialization Interface
unsplit {base}Divide into Groups and Reassemble
untrace {base}Interactive Tracing and Debugging of Calls to a Function or Method
untracemem {base}Trace Copying of Objects
unz {base}Functions to Manipulate Connections