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Package index for {graphics}

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pairs {graphics}Scatterplot Matrices
panel.smooth {graphics}Simple Panel Plot
par {graphics}Set or Query Graphical Parameters
persp {graphics}Perspective Plots
pie {graphics}Pie Charts
piechart {graphics}Defunct Functions in Package graphics
plot {graphics}Generic X-Y Plotting {graphics}Plot Method for Data Frames
plot.default {graphics}The Default Scatterplot Function {graphics}Plot Univariate Effects of a Design or Model
plot.factor {graphics}Plotting Factor Variables
plot.formula {graphics}Formula Notation for Scatterplots
plot.function {graphics}Draw Function Plots
plot.histogram {graphics}Plot Histograms {graphics}Create / Start a New Plot Frame
plot.table {graphics}Plot Methods for table Objects
plot.window {graphics}Set up World Coordinates for Graphics Window
plot.xy {graphics}Basic Internal Plot Function
points {graphics}Add Points to a Plot
polygon {graphics}Polygon Drawing