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packet.number {lattice}Accessing Auxiliary Information During Plotting
packet.panel.default {lattice}Associating Packets with Panels
palette.shade {lattice}Utility functions for 3-D plots
panel.arrows {lattice}Replacements of traditional graphics functions
panel.axis {lattice}Panel Function for Drawing Axis Ticks and Labels
panel.barchart {lattice}Default Panel Function for barchart
panel.bwplot {lattice}Default Panel Function for bwplot {lattice}Default Panel Function for cloud
panel.densityplot {lattice}Default Panel Function for densityplot
panel.dotplot {lattice}Default Panel Function for dotplot
panel.functions {lattice}Useful Panel Function Components
panel.histogram {lattice}Default Panel Function for histogram
panel.identify {lattice}Functions to Interact with Lattice Plots
panel.levelplot {lattice}Panel Functions for levelplot and contourplot
panel.loess {lattice}Panel Function to Add a LOESS Smooth
panel.pairs {lattice}Default Superpanel Function for splom
panel.parallel {lattice}Default Panel Function for parallel
panel.qqmath {lattice}Default Panel Function for qqmath
panel.qqmathline {lattice}Useful panel function with qqmath
panel.smoothScatter {lattice}Lattice panel function analogous to smoothScatter