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Package index for {nlme}

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ACF {nlme}Autocorrelation Function
ACF.gls {nlme}Autocorrelation Function for gls Residuals
ACF.lme {nlme}Autocorrelation Function for lme Residuals
Alfalfa {nlme}Split-Plot Experiment on Varieties of Alfalfa
allCoef {nlme}Extract Coefficients from a Set of Objects
anova.gls {nlme}Compare Likelihoods of Fitted Objects
anova.lme {nlme}Compare Likelihoods of Fitted Objects {nlme}Construct a groupedData Object
as.matrix.corStruct {nlme}Matrix of a corStruct Object
as.matrix.pdMat {nlme}Matrix of a pdMat Object
as.matrix.reStruct {nlme}Matrices of an reStruct Object
asOneFormula {nlme}Combine Formulas of a Set of Objects
Assay {nlme}Bioassay on Cell Culture Plate
asTable {nlme}Convert groupedData to a matrix
augPred {nlme}Augmented Predictions