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coef {stats}

Extract Model Coefficients
R 3.0.2


coef is a generic function which extracts model coefficients from objects returned by modeling functions. coefficients is an alias for it.


coef(object, ...)
coefficients(object, ...)


an object for which the extraction of model coefficients is meaningful.
other arguments.


All object classes which are returned by model fitting functions should provide a coef method or use the default one. (Note that the method is for coef and not coefficients.)

Class "aov" has a coef method that does not report aliased coefficients (see alias).


Coefficients extracted from the model object object.

For standard model fitting classes this will be a named numeric vector.


Chambers, J. M. and Hastie, T. J. (1992) Statistical Models in S. Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

See Also

fitted.values and residuals for related methods; glm, lm for model fitting.


x <- 1:5; coef(lm(c(1:3, 7, 6) ~ x))

Documentation reproduced from R 3.0.2. License: GPL-2.


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