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Package index for {stats}

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acf {stats}Auto- and Cross- Covariance and -Correlation Function Estimation
acf2AR {stats}Compute an AR Process Exactly Fitting an ACF
add.scope {stats}Compute Allowed Changes in Adding to or Dropping from a Formula
add1 {stats}Add or Drop All Possible Single Terms to a Model
addmargins {stats}Puts Arbitrary Margins on Multidimensional Tables or Arrays
aggregate {stats}Compute Summary Statistics of Data Subsets
AIC {stats}Akaike's An Information Criterion
alias {stats}Find Aliases (Dependencies) in a Model
anova {stats}Anova Tables
anova.glm {stats}Analysis of Deviance for Generalized Linear Model Fits
anova.lm {stats}ANOVA for Linear Model Fits
anova.mlm {stats}Comparisons between Multivariate Linear Models
anovalist.lm {stats}Defunct Functions in Package stats
ansari.test {stats}Ansari-Bradley Test
aov {stats}Fit an Analysis of Variance Model
approxfun {stats}Interpolation Functions
ar {stats}Fit Autoregressive Models to Time Series
ar.ols {stats}Fit Autoregressive Models to Time Series by OLS
arima {stats}ARIMA Modelling of Time Series
arima.sim {stats}Simulate from an ARIMA Model