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Package index for {stats}

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dbeta {stats}The Beta Distribution
dbinom {stats}The Binomial Distribution
dcauchy {stats}The Cauchy Distribution
dchisq {stats}The (non-central) Chi-Squared Distribution
decompose {stats}Classical Seasonal Decomposition by Moving Averages
delete.response {stats}Modify Terms Objects
deltat {stats}Sampling Times of Time Series
dendrapply {stats}Apply a Function to All Nodes of a Dendrogram
dendrogram {stats}General Tree Structures
density {stats}Kernel Density Estimation
deriv {stats}Symbolic and Algorithmic Derivatives of Simple Expressions
deviance {stats}Model Deviance
dexp {stats}The Exponential Distribution
df {stats}The F Distribution
df.kernel {stats}Smoothing Kernel Objects
df.residual {stats}Residual Degrees-of-Freedom
dfbeta {stats}Regression Deletion Diagnostics
dgamma {stats}The Gamma Distribution
dgeom {stats}The Geometric Distribution
dhyper {stats}The Hypergeometric Distribution