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Package index for {stats}

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labels.dendrogram {stats}Ordering or Labels of the Leaves in a Dendrogram
labels.dist {stats}Distance Matrix Computation
labels.terms {stats}Model Terms
lag {stats}Lag a Time Series
lag.plot {stats}Time Series Lag Plots
line {stats}Robust Line Fitting
lines.isoreg {stats}Plot Method for isoreg Objects
lines.stepfun {stats}Plot Step Functions
lines.ts {stats}Plotting Time-Series Objects
lm {stats}Fitting Linear Models {stats}Fitter Functions for Linear Models {stats}Defunct Functions in Package stats
lm.influence {stats}Regression Diagnostics
lm.summaries {stats}Accessing Linear Model Fits
loadings {stats}Print Loadings in Factor Analysis
loess {stats}Local Polynomial Regression Fitting
loess.control {stats}Set Parameters for Loess
loess.smooth {stats}Scatter Plot with Smooth Curve Fitted by Loess
Logistic {stats}The Logistic Distribution
logLik {stats}Extract Log-Likelihood