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Package index for {stats}

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p.adjust {stats}Adjust P-values for Multiple Comparisons
pacf {stats}Auto- and Cross- Covariance and -Correlation Function Estimation
pairwise.prop.test {stats}Pairwise comparisons for proportions
pairwise.t.test {stats}Pairwise t tests
pairwise.table {stats}Tabulate p values for pairwise comparisons
pairwise.wilcox.test {stats}Pairwise Wilcoxon Rank Sum Tests
pbeta {stats}The Beta Distribution
pbinom {stats}The Binomial Distribution
pbirthday {stats}Probability of coincidences
pcauchy {stats}The Cauchy Distribution
pchisq {stats}The (non-central) Chi-Squared Distribution
pexp {stats}The Exponential Distribution
pf {stats}The F Distribution
pgamma {stats}The Gamma Distribution
pgeom {stats}The Geometric Distribution
phyper {stats}The Hypergeometric Distribution
plclust {stats}Deprecated Functions in Package stats
plnorm {stats}The Log Normal Distribution
plogis {stats}The Logistic Distribution
plot.acf {stats}Plot Autocovariance and Autocorrelation Functions