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Package index for {stats}

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t.test {stats}Student's t-Test
TDist {stats}The Student t Distribution
termplot {stats}Plot Regression Terms
terms {stats}Model Terms
terms.formula {stats}Construct a terms Object from a Formula
terms.object {stats}Description of Terms Objects
time {stats}Sampling Times of Time Series
toeplitz {stats}Form Symmetric Toeplitz Matrix
ts {stats}Time-Series Objects
ts.plot {stats}Plot Multiple Time Series
ts.union {stats}Bind Two or More Time Series
tsdiag {stats}Diagnostic Plots for Time-Series Fits
tsp {stats}Tsp Attribute of Time-Series-like Objects
tsSmooth {stats}Use Fixed-Interval Smoothing on Time Series
Tukey {stats}The Studentized Range Distribution
TukeyHSD {stats}Compute Tukey Honest Significant Differences