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Package index for {survival}

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cancer {survival}NCCTG Lung Cancer Data
cch {survival}Fits proportional hazards regression model to case-cohort data
cgd {survival}Chronic Granulotomous Disease data
clogit {survival}Conditional logistic regression
cluster {survival}Identify clusters.
colon {survival}Chemotherapy for Stage B/C colon cancer
cox.zph {survival}Test the Proportional Hazards Assumption of a Cox Regression
coxpenal.df {survival}Internal survival functions
coxph {survival}Fit Proportional Hazards Regression Model
coxph.control {survival}Ancillary arguments for controling coxph fits
coxph.detail {survival}Details of a Cox Model Fit
coxph.object {survival}Proportional Hazards Regression Object