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package.dependencies {tools}Check Package Dependencies
package_dependencies {tools}Computations on the Dependency Hierarchy of Packages
parseLatex {tools}These experimental functions work with a subset of LaTeX code.
parse_Rd {tools}Parse an Rd file
pkgDepends {tools}Functions to Retrieve Dependency Information
pkgVignettes {tools}List and Build Package Vignettes
print.checkDocFiles {tools}QC Checks for R Code and/or Documentation
print.checkFF {tools}Check Foreign Function Calls
print.checkTnF {tools}Check R Packages or Code for T/F
print.checkVignettes {tools}Check Package Vignettes
print.codoc {tools}Check Code/Documentation Consistency
print.undoc {tools}Find Undocumented Objects
pskill {tools}Kill a Process
psnice {tools}Get or Set the Priority (Niceness) of a Process