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getAnywhere {utils}Retrieve an R Object, Including from a Namespace
getBioCmirrors {utils}Select a Bioconductor Mirror
getClipboardFormats {utils}Read/Write to/from the Windows Clipboard
getCRANmirrors {utils}Select a CRAN Mirror
getFromNamespace {utils}Utility functions for Developing Namespaces
getParseData {utils}Get detailed parse information from object.
getS3method {utils}Get An S3 Method
getSrcFilename {utils}Source Reference Utilities
getTxtProgressBar {utils}Text Progress Bar
getWindowsHandle {utils}Get a Windows Handle
getWindowsHandles {utils}Get handles of windows.
getWindowTitle {utils}Set or get the Window Title, or Set the Statusbar
getWinProgressBar {utils}Progress Bars under Windows
glob2rx {utils}Change Wildcard or Globbing Pattern into Regular Expression
globalVariables {utils}Declare Variables to be Treated as Global in Checking a Package